General Preparation Instructions


Pests are elusive and built for survival.  Much like we do, they depend on a few essentials to thrive in your spaces:  food, water, and shelter.  We’ll need to find them, treat the areas, and eliminate or isolate food and water sources with pest control solutions.  For your safety and effective elimination here are a few helpful preparation instructions.

Preparation Instructions

  • Seal or cover all food.
  • Tenant , property owner or person who schedule the appointment is present to explain and clarify concerns with the technician . More information is better to come up with the best possible treatment solution.
  • Proper Lighting in all rooms being treated.  Change lights bulbs and open or remove window coverings as needed.
  • Pets
  • Pets are safely secured in an area not being treated, including cats before technician enters the home.  All treatment solutions will need a curing period for the safety of your cats and dogs.
  • Caged animals and aquariums are covered with a blanket, sheet or plastic.
  • Pets are brought inside for outside / yard treatments.
  • Seal pet food containers and remove food bowls and water bowls from floor.


  • Baseboards are free from clutter, clothes ,toys, and any debris to allow technician to treat crack and crevice areas and find potential entry points.
  • If possible, move large furniture and appliances to allow technician space to treat around and behind.  We will still treat these areas to our best ability with provided access.
  • Clean before your appointment:  Mopping ,vacuum and washing clothes and dishes can help your home and the technician to find potential entry points and potential hiding places.


Depending on the method of treatment, you may be asked to leave for a short period.  We’ll let you know when it is safe to return and any other necessary precautions.