Roach Preparation instruction



Items That Must Be Completed Prior To Our Arrival:
 Clean kitchen thoroughly, including floor, stove, range hood, and counter tops. Clean inside and outside of
dishwasher. Pull out refrigerator, stove, etc. and clean behind and underneath. All cleaning should be done before,
not after treatment. Turn off Smoke Alarms. Everything should be removed from kitchen cupboards, above and below the sink, drawers and countertops should be
cleaned. Wash cupboards inside and out, wipe out drawers with damp rag, clean sink and countertops well. Items
may be placed on the kitchen table or on a couch or chair, and should be covered with newspaper or a sheet. Bathroom cabinets and under sink should be cleaned. Wash cabinets inside and out, wipe out drawers with damp
rag, clean sink, tub, inside and outside of toilet and scrub bathroom floor.
 Pick up and remove trash inside and outside
 Vacuum all carpets.
 Clothes hanging in closet should be removed and placed on beds. Shoes and other items on closet floors should be
removed. Clean closet shelves. Furniture and other items should be moved out at least 2 feet from walls.
 Pets should be removed from inside. Fish tanks should be covered or removed. If fish tanks are covered, the air
pump should be shut off.
 Children’s toys and pet food dishes and exposed food should be placed in a protected area.
 If you are ill or pregnant or if you or any member of your household has sensitivity to chemical odors or other odors,
Whitworth Pest Solutions, Inc. recommends that you contact us for product information and consult with your
physician prior to the treatment.

After Our Treatment Is Complete:
 Do not re-enter the premise for at least 4 hours unless specified otherwise. If you have medical problems or are
sensitive to odors, it may be advisable to stay out longer. Consult your physician.
 Immediately upon re-entering the treated premises, open windows and doors to air thoroughly.
 Thoroughly wash (with soap and water) all exposed eating surfaces (including table and counter tops) and any
exposed dishes or silverware. Do not wash any treated surfaces such as baseboards.
 In roach control, sanitation is essential. Do not leave empty milk or beverage bottles inside. Keep areas under
and behind stoves and refrigerators clean. Do not allow food and garbage to accumulate in areas where roaches
feed or hide. Pet food should be stored in sealed containers.