flea treatment preparation instruction


Cover and store any open food products, dishes or utensils before service is rendered.

❏ Strip all bed linens and wash in hot water.

❏ Pick up items off the floor, including inside closets and under bed, like clothes, toys, and debris.

❏ Concrete floors, including pet areas, basements, and covered patios, scrubbed with soap and water.

❏ Frequent vacuuming of carpeting and mopping of wood and tile floors, including along walls and inside closets.

❏ vacuum furniture, especially between and under cushions.

❏ Dispose of vacuum cleaner bag in a trash container outside your home, close tightly.

❏ If using a vacuum with a reusable bag, empty contents into a container outside your home, close it tightly, and discard. Wash reusable bag in hot water.

❏ Vacate premises during and for several hours after treatment to allow treatment solution to completely dry before re-entry. Pets and Pet Areas

❏ Cover fish tanks with wet towels and turn off pumps (except Salt Water) until reoccupying home.

❏ Pick-up pet toys and wash or replace.

❏ Wash or replace all pet bedding.

❏ Remove caged pets (birds, reptiles, hamsters) before treatment

❏ Best to schedule treating your pet with topical or oral treatment  during your home being treated under the direction of a veterinarian.


Outside Areas

❏ Remove children toys from area.

❏ Remove pet toys.

❏ Cut grass short and bag clippings.

❏ Provide access to shaded and covered areas where pets rest.