Tulsa Pest Control & Bed bug preparation instruction


Bed bugs can live for several months without a blood meal.  They can linger in furniture, bags and suitcases for a very long time until they are near a human host again.  They can survive temperatures of nearly freezing to 122 degrees.  Home remedies and DIY measures are almost always ineffective and typically allow infestation to multiply.

As a survival instinct, bed bugs are elusive.  They stay out of view during the daytime, hiding in mattress crevices, box springs, baseboards, behind electrical switch plates, in picture frames, and even behind wallpaper.   At nighttime, the carbon dioxide we exhale tempts them out of their hiding spots.

For effective inspection and treatment:

  • De-clutter:  throw away unneeded items.
  • Pick up and  bag all loose items in bedrooms (e.g., in the bottom of a closet) and other rooms that will be treated.  
  • Make sure that these items are treated (if needed) or inspected before returning these items  to make sure you are not also returning bed bugs to the treated room(s).
  • Place curtains, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, etc. in the dryer set on the highest setting that won’t damage the items for at least 30 minutes.  bag these items immediately after drying.
  • Wash all sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and other bedding in hot water.  Place the items in a dryer set on the highest setting that won’t damage the items.  Dry the items thoroughly and then place them in trash bags.  Keep them separate from items that may be infested.
  • Wash all clothing in hot water and then dry on the highest setting allowed for the clothing.  Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried (including coats and jackets) can be dry‐cleaned or need to be inspected carefully. Do not place clothing in infested rooms/areas until treatment has been completed and the bed bugs have been eliminated.
  • Contaminated vacuums should have the bag sealed in a plastic bag and disposed, the vacuum should be left outside and professionally treated or disposed.

Pre-Inspection and Treatment To-D0s

  • Provide access to walls, closets, and areas around furniture to allow for a thorough inspection and treatment.
  • Move all furniture away from baseboard to provide enough room to walk behind and around.



Don’t move any of your belongings to another home during or before treatment.  You might spread bed bugs to another home, car, workplace or box and then re‐infest your home upon returning your belongings.

If you’re uncertain, please contact us to answer your questions.  It is best to be fully prepared upon inspection to best assess your insect challenges.